“you drive me crazy”

Book: The Exile of Britney Spears- A Tale of 21st Century Consumption

Author: Christopher R. Smit

 I really enjoyed reading this book because it brought to mind a whole bunch of ideas how gender and communication of Britney Spears is so a apart of the American culture. One quote I found in the book that I thought to be intriguing was “ We don’t have a word or concept that neatly encompasses what has happened to this woman.” The actuality of it all is that the culture doesn’t. We continually to see events in her life for a moment and then it passes by. We are not fully engrossed in a specific tragedy of a moment of hers. Britney has definitely become a pop culture celebrity where everything around her is consuming the individual she is. Specifically we owe this to the media and how the media has targeted events of Britney which has made her who she is today. The way Britney Spears body is analyzed throughout the book shows how the celebrity culture life has become a life that is constantly being destructive. The media allows society to focus their own lives on events of others that slowly diminishes  individual. Smit quotes, “ the end result of all consumption is excrement: we seek out our consumables, we consume, we digest, and we defecate. Our whole culture has become a culture of constant consuming where we only focus our lives on things that will make us feel more satisfied. I believe that when a culture focuses their attention on lives in the media, like Britney Spears, it makes us feel better about ourselves. We feel this way because we are looking at rich, famous, and hot celebrity that has crashed and burn. It  makes us “normal” people feel much better about ourselves, just how all this consuming of the western world makes us feel better about ourselves. Britney Spears is exactly what Smit quotes., “ all of these consumables start as splendor and end as less than that.” Britney started as the innocent pop star who drew in so many teens across the country. However as began to become more consumable it became exhausting leaving her with exposed body parts, broken family, and bad relationships.


1)      http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20012207_20012195,00.html

This is the article that PEOPLE Magazine released when Britney Spears shaved her head bald. I believe this article tells us a lot about Britney Spears and who she had become over the years. How much the consumer able world has affected the lives of such a celebrity pop star that ends her up in rehab.

2.) http://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/britney-spears-is-on-tour-and-is-still-under-mind-control/

This article is interesting on how as Britney Spears continues her tours her new provocative look gives society a new outlook on how her music has influenced her as an individual and brings that to a whole new level.

3.) http://www.nowmagazine.co.uk/celebrity-news/381873/britney-spears-goes-crazy-again

Again this is another article out of thousands that directly portray Britney as crazy. That her life as a celebrity has gone from innocent to evil.


1)      What do we believe are the main reasons that pop stars slowly become more propagative over time?

2)       How do we believe Britney will continue to develop in the next few years?


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