ICTs dangerous impact on domestic violence today…

Article: Domestic Violence and Information  Communication Technologies

Author : Jill P. Diamond, Casey Fiesler, and Amy S. Bruckman

Throughout this article the authors focus primarily their attention on the domestic violence that is created through ICTs today. Some of these include the internet and cell phone devices. They have made a huge impact in how domestic violence is becoming more of an issue among women. These tools that we use every day are being used inappropriately and can threaten women’s lives. They allow men to become more stalkish towards the victim and allow more control over their actions. Therefore this creates a dangerous fear among women causing them not to leave the abusive relationship. One of the theories that is brought up in the article is called the Feminist Standpoint Theory. Here the authors state, “ The theory specifically critiques a dominant view of epistemology, and acknowledges that knowledge and experiences are situated. Although the history of standpoint theory was to reflect a “women’s” viewpoint of the world, more recent incarnations of the theory are based on intersectional viewpoints of race, class, gender, sexuality, disability, and culture.” The viewpoint is how the victim as a women experiences and handles the situation and that her own viewpoints are based upon these different classifications. For my Marketing class we were assigned to Safe Haven Ministries. Our main focus throughout this semester was to create more awareness to the Latino and African American communities who are dealing with these sorts of situations and do not know how to seek help. Safe Haven Ministries has actually a special tab on their website that when clicked is linked directly to Google. This is a benefit for the women who are seeking out help because if the abuser of the relationship is nearby it is convenient for the victim to hide what she has been looking at. It actually erases the history of ever visiting the site off the computer. Types of tools like these are helpful when ICTs can be easy to track people down. It can create even more harmful situations for women as they could be treated more harshly because of their attempt in reaching out for help.


1.)    http://www.safehavenministries.org/

This link from Safe Haven Ministries shows us the “ Quick Escape” button that is very beneficial for their organization and how this has helped young women.

2.)    http://www.ywca.org/site/c.cuIRJ7NTKrLaG/b.7515807/k.2FF8/YWCA__Empowering_Women_Eliminating_Racism.htm

This links shows how the YWCA is using their goals of empowering women and eliminating racism to help prevent the causes of domestic relationships in women today. It shows the mentoring programs that are offered and how the empowerment of women can help them leave their abusive relationships.

3.)     http://www.ncadv.org/

This link is the ncadv website which is a coalition made for violence against women. On their website is a documentary video that is very helpful in explaining their goals as an organization.


1)      With fast growing technology will domestic violence continue to become worse?

If so, how as a community of believers can we help  prevent ICT tools becoming more abusive?


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