zine readings…

Zine Readings

No Better than Apples

Author: Kate

Straddling The Line: White Salves, Trafficked Women and Other Victims at the Border

Author: Robin Hustle

                In the reading “No Better Than Apples”, it is broken down into different little “stories” one might call it. They are very poetic in the way she expresses distinct feeling in the way she talks about herself or a person she is close to. Some of them she writes about are thinks that one might no mention in an appropriate conversation and some of her writings are very emotional and sensitive to what she is feeling. Many of these stories are filled with distinct illustrations of sickness and care, being on the road with her band, her relationships with her mothers and father, natural disasters etc. Each of them she talks about are in short but powerful illustrations.

                In the small blurb about sex trafficking, Robin Hustle focuses on the concern for particular women in this case in the sex trafficking industry. These women are working this way to pay off debts that might have built up in either factories or agriculture. Robin speaks out that these women need to have more awareness about job opportunities rather than prostitution with their bodies. They need to be looked at then just selling themselves as sex slaves where in their case it is doing more harm than good. With the increase is big cities and media trafficking has been a main focus with migrant workers. Robin quotes, “ It developed at a time of rapid urbanization, mass waves of immigration, and a growing number of women in the workforce as a tool to reinforce ideas about race, sex, and sexuality.” Robin points out that instead of addressing the needs of these very women people are more likely to criticize for their wrongs. Once these women are trafficked they are seen as an individual who has lost all her dignity towards life and instead. just a worthless piece of shit. In 2000 an Act was passed to help with these trafficking women by offering them temporary aid. What I believe Robin is speaking out to is that we need to address these needs of women who are hurting. Rather than stereotyping them as useless victims of prostitutes. Instead of reinventing what we might think as the needs for these mythic victims we need to realize that these are needs of a lot of women across the country and they need to be confronted appropriately.  


1.)    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xyqjv-pj8yw

This clip shows from Taken the disturbing dangers of trafficking among women. In this specific movie the daughter of a CIA is taken and sold as a sex slave. This particular clip also emphasizes staggering statistics about sex trafficking in the country and how much of a billion dollar industry it has made in the market today.

2.)    http://www.mlive.com/living/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2010/09/human_trafficking_exploitation.html

This is an article from MLIVE in 2010 about a victim of human trafficking right in our own backyard. It shows that it is happening in places that we might not think these types of situations are occurring.

3.)    http://www.vanityfair.com/politics/features/2011/05/sex-trafficking-201105

Vanity Fair just published this surreal article just last year about trafficking among Americans. Below I posted a quote from the article of a young women who spoke out about her experience. It shows us that even women today are being ridiculed by men.


“He called me a stupid bitch … a worthless piece of shit.… I had to tell people I fell off stage because I had so many bruises on my ribs face and legs.… I have a permanent twitch in my eye from him hitting me in my face so much. I have none of my irreplaceable things from my youth.”



1.)    Why has this issue of prostitution become more of an issue today more than ever?

2.)    What is the best way to address these problems among women today?


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