” Her Body, Himself”

Article: “ Her Body, Himself” excerpts from Men, Women, and Chainsaws.

Author: Clover

Clover in this article discusses in depth how gender and sex have become a key  identifier  among horror films. What Hollywood has seen over the years is that these low budget horror film movies can create an enormous profit by the way viewers are able to feel attached to the scenarios. These horror movies are used towards gender and sex in particular. Clover identifies in the article that when women attend these horror movies they take a long their significant other. In other cases and group of guys go to these movies to cheer on what the killer has done. However the overall questions Clover wants to solve are, “ what in the story is crucial enough to warrant the price of admission, and what the implications are for the current discussion of women and film?” Many of these horror films possess sexual attitudes. In some cases a women will be murdered naked and they will show vividly in the movie her naked body on the floor in a pool of blood. Another instance would be Sally in the movie the Chainsaw Massacre. The movie shows that she survives all the way through escaping showing a much more masculine move on Sally. Directors of these horror films think much deeper into the meaning of the film than the just the horror it shows. Director Tobe states, “ Cinematic intelligence becomes more apparent in every viewing, as one gets over the initial traumatizing impact and learns to respect the pervasive felicities of camera placement and movement.” The director wants the viewers to appreciate the creativity of the film by capturing horrifying experiences and having people learn from them. Clover states that, “ slasher films present us in startlingly direct terms with a world in which male and female are at desperate odds but in which, at the same time, masculinity and femininity are more states of mind than body. “ I think Clover presents itself a very excellent point here. That the roles of the actors in these slasher film give us viewers a distinct perception of who each individual is and how they relate to society today.


1)      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=az5NDvQ41ys

This is a movie clip from Chainsaw Massacre. In this clip we can identify how the role of Sally speaks to gender and sexual terms.

2)      http://retroslashers.net/sex-fiends-drag-queens-gender-and-sexuality-in-the-slasher-film/

This author of this article discusses how that slasher films presents itself as men’s fear of feminism.

3.) http://cerisia.cerosia.org/slasher/appeal.pdf

This article, “ The Appeal of Horror and Suppense” by Mary Beth Oliver and Meghan Sanders discusses the emotional and gender aspect of slasher films and how what the entertainment industry does to pull us into this types of films.


1)      Will there ever be an extent to which the horror of a movie will affect its showing in theatres?

2)      What are some specific sexual attitudes that we notice in horror films today?


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