women and the world

The Paradox of Martha Stewart

Goddess, Desperate Spouse-Seeker, or Feminist Role Model?

Author: Jennifer Newens/ Fall1996

Newens validates some very interesting points when talking about Martha Stewart. A women who has made a multi- million dollar business on being a so called “housewife” without a ring on her finger. Many people today associate house wives as the stay at home, “ homemaker” while the husband is the bread winning role of the family and the children are off at school. However, Martha Stewart has identified herself with so many women across the globe that I believe this stereotypical image of a housewife has been changed. As 60 minutes defined her as a more masculine character however I believe she drives women all over America by the commitment and drive she has to herself no matter if one is married or not. I think one of the biggest point Newens tries to make in her article as she states is, “ She shows her fans- male, female, straight, gay, married, or single- that daily household tasks can be enjoyable, and maybe even a little glamorous.”  She has become such an inspiration to so many people around the world no matter who they are and inspires them to become their own individual.


Another article I read was similar in topics when it comes to feminism and the way genders have relationships with one another….

In Re-Mission

Why Does Redbook want to Keep us On our Backs?

Author: Amy Harter/ Spring 1997

I found this article very surprising on the notion of sex and particular the missionary position.  Redbook has been a popular magazine that target women and in particular married women to men. What I found out to be that this is a very biased magazine when it comes to women and their deep longings they have for men. The article deeps down into discussion on the importance of the “missionary position” in regards to sex. It primarily focuses on why women enjoy this position more than others. Well there are several reasons. One of the reasons being that when women are laying on their backs they are not so insecure about their body and what is hanging. Secondly, it focuses on what they want from their man, the way their body is positioned attracts a man and Redbook really emphasizes it. What Redbook is trying to imply is that the “missionary position” is feminine. Women are better looking and it is cool again. However many people disagree with Rebook because it primarily just focuses on men and women and their usual routine that women want. They aren’t basing sex on individuality and making it your own but knowing what you want and making it known to the man. Harter quotes. “ Good sex is about knowing what you want and being assertive enough to get it.” Here she simply states that good sex is up to the individual, don’t let Redbook fool you on what you want as a women. Harter ends with “It’s about being anywhere you want to be.” I believe she ended it well by implying that it doesn’t matter what people say about sex, do what you like and be done with it.



Martha Stewarts Blog- which I LOVE


Here is an article that talks exactly what Harter talks about in her article on the missionary position.


Here what real people are saying about sex and the ways sex have influenced their relationships with their partners.

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