Close Relationships

Book: Gendered Lives

Author: Julia Woods

Chapter 9: Gendered Close Relationships

Julia Woods points out some really interesting factors when it comes to relationships with one another. Throughout this chapter she focuses on the relationships between men and women, men and men, and women and women. The three types of relationships we have here all possess something different than the other. Wood discusses the importance of closeness with another and how the emotional aspect can affect how one interacts. What I find to be very interesting in this chapter is that women are very much more sentimental than men. They take things more personal and want to talk them through. Men on the other hand talk about their plans and what they will be doing without expressing their emotions in them. I believe this where men relationships and women relationships bring a distinction to one another. Since women are much more sentimental people they become much more emotional towards one another. These emotions can be expressed in several different ways and in some aspects create drama. Men on the other hand do exactly what Julie discusses in her book. Men talk about what is going on in their lives without bringing into the mix the personal or emotional aspect of things. In the end since there tends to be emotional toll on women that is what creates the drama with each other. Their emotions are pulled one way or the other and it creates physical and emotional strain on them.


This is a great clip from Mean Girls. It expresses the emotional aspect of girls and how much when emotions are involved it can creates a lot of drama. In the clip a boy calls his mom and I think that scene creates a huge distinction between men and women based on what is going on and how they react to it.

This psychologist I found very intriguing as she talked about the difference between men and women and understand how men and women interact today through communication rather than they did several years ago.

This clip comes from one of my favorite movies of all time. Here men are trying to understand what women want and how they think. One of my favorite lines is when the girl yells at him from inside her saying “ ITS BECAUSE I HAVE A VAGINA”.


1)      Is it a good or bad thing that women are so much more attached to the emotional side of things than men are?

2)      Are the roles of men and women going to be the same as they will be in the future?


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