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how feminism has changed those of the 21st century…

Book: The Rise of Enlightened Feminism – How Pop Culture Took Us from Girl Power to Girls Gone Wild

Author: Susan J. Douglas

Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

  1. 1.     How has the experience of feminism changed in the last 10 years?

The experience of feminism the last 10 years has changed dramatically. As Betty Friedan puts it is has been “ the problem with no name”. Women today are all about empowerment. They believe they can be whoever they want to be and are not scared in trying so. Today this generation is looked as the girl power generation where girls all over the world believe that they can be just as good as men and should not be discriminated for anything. They have learned not to take shit from anybody. Through these chapters that Susan writes about she focuses on how women have gotten where they are today but yet how they are still being discriminated and how this movement of feminism is being looked at a lot closer. Susan quotes in her book, “ What the media has been giving us, then, are little more than fantasies of power. They assure girls and women, repeatedly, that women’s liberation is fait accompli and that we are stronger, more successful, more sexually in control, more fearless, and more held in awe than we actually are.” This quote right here that Susan identifies is exactly what the generation in which women are living in right now has become. We believe that women can be CEOS, run for president, or be a part of church without being discriminated. Women through feminist movements are doing everything in their power to become who they want to be.


  1. 2.     How have these changes effective communication (interpersonal, mediated, institutional?)

How the changes of feminism come about throughout the last 10 years has dramatically changed the way of effective communication. Through interpersonal communication it has allowed women to identify with one another in the way they perceive themselves. The media has influenced women all over the world by the way how women should dress, wear clothes, make up and the roles they should become. We can identify with other women by the way they identify themselves. In today’s generation women have been able to express their own individuality way more than they did before which has created a whole new dimension in the way women can express themselves in today’s generation. Media has also established this new girl power revolution through movies such as Mean Girls, Clueless, Sex and the City to name a few. When girls are discriminated for their looks or other attributes they look to each other for help. Women today are more liked to stand up for their selves which empowers others to do the same. Even song artists to day such as Taylor Swift has been empowering young women across the globe for years now. She allows young girls to identify themselves with her through love and the troubles of men. This type of communication I believe is the most powerful for women as it allows them not to feel alone. The communication with women has become so much more effective and even though it has been positive through artists, like Taylor Swift,  it has also become a negative as well. An example Susan J. Douglas points out in through Victoria Secret. Victoria Secret uses women as not only objects but a way to communicate to women that this is how women should look and what men really want. However, this is hurt girls around the world where this is not the reality and starving yourself is not what will make you become the life of a Victoria Secret model and that is how the institutional society has become to perceive women through media communication.




  1. 3.     What communication events came to mind while reading? Be specific about the context here and the usefulness of your illustrations?

A communication event that came to mind while reading was in chapter 4 when Douglas discussed how the movie Clueless became a huge girl phenomenon. It allowed girls and women in America to gain empowerment through the things they indemnified themselves with and the products they used. The movie communicated to women that if you buy the right products, wear the coolest clothes, girls will become the forefront of culture and will be able to hand anything that comes between them. Through this movie it allowed more movies such as Legally Blonde, Miss Congeniality, and Mean girls to identify what girls were really all about. In some ways it was a good thing and in others it didn’t perceive them in the best way. For example in the movie, Mean Girls, the way Caty was much more of a tom boy and wanted to become party of the popular crowd showed to girls that it can really hurt relationships. It told girls around the world that they didn’t have to be part of the “popular crowd” to identify with their own sex.



This article talks about how Victoria Secret has become a do-it-yourself guide for women all over the world as a means of identification.


I thought this Taylor Swift 20/20 interview with Catie Couric was really interesting. She talks about how she uses her music to express herself and how she doesn’t even look to the media with what is being said yet uses her own unique ways that girls yearn to identify with.


what I like about this clip from Mean Girls is that is effectively communicated to Regina that rules are rules and that sweatpants are not allowed on Mondays. This communicates to other girls around the world that these types of situations are not taken lightly and can really hurt others.

Discussion Questions:

1.)    How will the role of feminism possibly change throughout the next 10 years?

2.)    Has communication through events such as media and movements been more beneficial than in the past? Or will it continue to become worse as the years progress?


” Her Body, Himself”

Article: “ Her Body, Himself” excerpts from Men, Women, and Chainsaws.

Author: Clover

Clover in this article discusses in depth how gender and sex have become a key  identifier  among horror films. What Hollywood has seen over the years is that these low budget horror film movies can create an enormous profit by the way viewers are able to feel attached to the scenarios. These horror movies are used towards gender and sex in particular. Clover identifies in the article that when women attend these horror movies they take a long their significant other. In other cases and group of guys go to these movies to cheer on what the killer has done. However the overall questions Clover wants to solve are, “ what in the story is crucial enough to warrant the price of admission, and what the implications are for the current discussion of women and film?” Many of these horror films possess sexual attitudes. In some cases a women will be murdered naked and they will show vividly in the movie her naked body on the floor in a pool of blood. Another instance would be Sally in the movie the Chainsaw Massacre. The movie shows that she survives all the way through escaping showing a much more masculine move on Sally. Directors of these horror films think much deeper into the meaning of the film than the just the horror it shows. Director Tobe states, “ Cinematic intelligence becomes more apparent in every viewing, as one gets over the initial traumatizing impact and learns to respect the pervasive felicities of camera placement and movement.” The director wants the viewers to appreciate the creativity of the film by capturing horrifying experiences and having people learn from them. Clover states that, “ slasher films present us in startlingly direct terms with a world in which male and female are at desperate odds but in which, at the same time, masculinity and femininity are more states of mind than body. “ I think Clover presents itself a very excellent point here. That the roles of the actors in these slasher film give us viewers a distinct perception of who each individual is and how they relate to society today.



This is a movie clip from Chainsaw Massacre. In this clip we can identify how the role of Sally speaks to gender and sexual terms.


This author of this article discusses how that slasher films presents itself as men’s fear of feminism.


This article, “ The Appeal of Horror and Suppense” by Mary Beth Oliver and Meghan Sanders discusses the emotional and gender aspect of slasher films and how what the entertainment industry does to pull us into this types of films.


1)      Will there ever be an extent to which the horror of a movie will affect its showing in theatres?

2)      What are some specific sexual attitudes that we notice in horror films today?

gender media…

Book: Gendered Lives: Communication, Gender, & Culture

Chapter 11- Gendered Media

Author: Julia T. Woods

Particularly in this chapter Wood discusses the effects of media on the society today. More specifically she focuses on how women relate to it compared to men and how much their individual world view is affected. Several men and women in the chapter expressed that they don’t believe mass media such as internet, television, electronics, etc. have shaped who they have become as an individual. They believe they themselves agreed to what they liked and have adapted to. Girls in a sense however use media much more in the sense of building relationships with one another. As Wood states in her book, “ Girls and women also perceive social media as allowing them to express themselves.” This tells me here that mass media is effecting them much more than they might think. Men on the other hand see media much more as entertainment. I personally think in some sense it becomes much more of an easy way of communicating with one another than by actually building relationships. Wood also discusses how media presents gender in different ways. One way she states is that, “ media underrepresents women.” Mass media tends to accentuate the typical stereotypes of men and women by the way the media portrays the individual. Wood mentions in particular that on television most men are scene to be very aggressive, independent, and in charge. Where women on the other hand are portrayed to be very involved with fashion, shopping, hair, makeup, and emotional states. However the media has begun more and more to represent women as sexual objects. More and more we see movies and television with more sex scenes than ever before. Not only that but the amount of crude humor that has evolved over the last decade is just outrageous and very degrading to women. Personally I believe that media affects everyone more than they know. I know it definitely affects me. An example would be Pinterest. Pinterest has become the most famous website that shares ideas, trends, and so much more. I believe Pinterest has been a huge factor in the way girls especially see themselves today. It’s either they need to be skinner or have cuter clothes that they can’t afford. Yes, there are some great ideas that Pinterest has to offer but I have even noticed from my own experience that the things that Pinterest has to offer are just wants that I can’t afford. Pinterest is becoming an attractive site that advertisers can reel in a lot of sales from what mainly girls are seeing.





Lil Wayne is talks about his own life in this Mountain Dew commercial. He is expressing himself through a soda drink that most men relate to. It is a much more masculine ad that focuses on the man becoming who he wants to be and communicating it in an attractive way.

2         )

Here I have posted the movie trailer of Confessions of a Shopaholic. Why I have chosen this trailer as one of my links is because the entire trailer focuses on how one girl identified herself with shoes, clothes, make up, and hair. It portrays exactly how the society sees women. The movie in itself represents to women and girls all over the world that money does buy happiness and we become engulfed in these types of materialistic things.


This link is from parents TV. It provides very interesting facts on how much media affects children and especially the upcoming generation. If focuses primarily on the media of TV and how much TV has become a necessity in many people’s homes around the country.



1)      Do you believe that media will continue to perceive women as “sex objects “ in the future?

2)      Has mass media actually benefited our society today or not?

women and the world

The Paradox of Martha Stewart

Goddess, Desperate Spouse-Seeker, or Feminist Role Model?

Author: Jennifer Newens/ Fall1996

Newens validates some very interesting points when talking about Martha Stewart. A women who has made a multi- million dollar business on being a so called “housewife” without a ring on her finger. Many people today associate house wives as the stay at home, “ homemaker” while the husband is the bread winning role of the family and the children are off at school. However, Martha Stewart has identified herself with so many women across the globe that I believe this stereotypical image of a housewife has been changed. As 60 minutes defined her as a more masculine character however I believe she drives women all over America by the commitment and drive she has to herself no matter if one is married or not. I think one of the biggest point Newens tries to make in her article as she states is, “ She shows her fans- male, female, straight, gay, married, or single- that daily household tasks can be enjoyable, and maybe even a little glamorous.”  She has become such an inspiration to so many people around the world no matter who they are and inspires them to become their own individual.


Another article I read was similar in topics when it comes to feminism and the way genders have relationships with one another….

In Re-Mission

Why Does Redbook want to Keep us On our Backs?

Author: Amy Harter/ Spring 1997

I found this article very surprising on the notion of sex and particular the missionary position.  Redbook has been a popular magazine that target women and in particular married women to men. What I found out to be that this is a very biased magazine when it comes to women and their deep longings they have for men. The article deeps down into discussion on the importance of the “missionary position” in regards to sex. It primarily focuses on why women enjoy this position more than others. Well there are several reasons. One of the reasons being that when women are laying on their backs they are not so insecure about their body and what is hanging. Secondly, it focuses on what they want from their man, the way their body is positioned attracts a man and Redbook really emphasizes it. What Redbook is trying to imply is that the “missionary position” is feminine. Women are better looking and it is cool again. However many people disagree with Rebook because it primarily just focuses on men and women and their usual routine that women want. They aren’t basing sex on individuality and making it your own but knowing what you want and making it known to the man. Harter quotes. “ Good sex is about knowing what you want and being assertive enough to get it.” Here she simply states that good sex is up to the individual, don’t let Redbook fool you on what you want as a women. Harter ends with “It’s about being anywhere you want to be.” I believe she ended it well by implying that it doesn’t matter what people say about sex, do what you like and be done with it.


Martha Stewarts Blog- which I LOVE

Here is an article that talks exactly what Harter talks about in her article on the missionary position.

Here what real people are saying about sex and the ways sex have influenced their relationships with their partners.

Close Relationships

Book: Gendered Lives

Author: Julia Woods

Chapter 9: Gendered Close Relationships

Julia Woods points out some really interesting factors when it comes to relationships with one another. Throughout this chapter she focuses on the relationships between men and women, men and men, and women and women. The three types of relationships we have here all possess something different than the other. Wood discusses the importance of closeness with another and how the emotional aspect can affect how one interacts. What I find to be very interesting in this chapter is that women are very much more sentimental than men. They take things more personal and want to talk them through. Men on the other hand talk about their plans and what they will be doing without expressing their emotions in them. I believe this where men relationships and women relationships bring a distinction to one another. Since women are much more sentimental people they become much more emotional towards one another. These emotions can be expressed in several different ways and in some aspects create drama. Men on the other hand do exactly what Julie discusses in her book. Men talk about what is going on in their lives without bringing into the mix the personal or emotional aspect of things. In the end since there tends to be emotional toll on women that is what creates the drama with each other. Their emotions are pulled one way or the other and it creates physical and emotional strain on them.


This is a great clip from Mean Girls. It expresses the emotional aspect of girls and how much when emotions are involved it can creates a lot of drama. In the clip a boy calls his mom and I think that scene creates a huge distinction between men and women based on what is going on and how they react to it.

This psychologist I found very intriguing as she talked about the difference between men and women and understand how men and women interact today through communication rather than they did several years ago.

This clip comes from one of my favorite movies of all time. Here men are trying to understand what women want and how they think. One of my favorite lines is when the girl yells at him from inside her saying “ ITS BECAUSE I HAVE A VAGINA”.


1)      Is it a good or bad thing that women are so much more attached to the emotional side of things than men are?

2)      Are the roles of men and women going to be the same as they will be in the future?