Women’s Movements

Book: Gendered Lives

Author: Julia Wood

Chapter 3

I was never really that interested in feminist movements at all. However, Chapter 3 in wood gave me for perspectives on the thoughts on feminism and all kinds of types there are. In some cases I believe that some of the feminist movements have gone a bit far. I understand woman was to stand up and depend for their social rights but in some cases these movements can make more a bigger deal. Are these movements really making that big of a difference? Wood talks about the different types of feminism from radical, lesbian, liberal, multiracial, and power feminism just to name a few. All these types of feminism movements are aimed at one type of group to make women more noticeable and have more reasonability. Overall, I  believe women should stand up for what they believe in. Everyone has the right to vote, have property, rights about laws, etc. In regards to women’s pay I believe they should all be paid the same depending on the position. However, when it comes to abortion I believe they should not have the right. That was a choice they made and I believe abortion is not the answer.



this article is about a feminist movement that occurred in France a couple days ago. This feminist group took it to the extreme as they marched through the streets with no tops.


This is a clip where Borat from the movie “Borat” interviews a few ladies on why feminism is such a big is


This is a documentary form where Gloria Steinem believes that feminist movements have just begun and what lies ahead for women in the future.


1.)    Have feminist movements made a huge impact since they began in 1840?

2.)    What might these feminist movements look like in the future and what will they be fighting for next?


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