the capital world of feminism…

And Now a Word From Our Sponsors…Feminism for Sale

Author: Rita Hao/Fall 1998

Rita does a great job discussing feminism is our culture today. Advertisers have done a great job focusing on the wants of women and what draws them on. They speak to us in each our individual voice. Their goal is to make all women feel important and that is how they target through feminist qualities. Through products, tv, and music groups advertisiers have targeted woman on what they believe woman need most. Rita discusses how retail therapy can help us with our insecurities. All girls are faced with the insecurities of being too fat, too thin, hair color, skin color, clothing types and so much more. Therefore, certain companies then focus on making their slogan on what can cure those insecurities that they might have which focus their advertisments on making women feel better. Rita writes ” Capitalism makes us think in terms of me, me, me”. In the end what they are really focusing on is making money and much less on individual. She also states, ” Feminism sells, but backlash sells even better.” What Rita encourages all women to do is to understand why we are buying something when we do. Her goal is for us to understand how the product is going to “cure” us then fall into the backlashing of what the advertisment is all about. The thearpy of retail only works she says when we know why we are really buying it.

Links:– The Dove commerical focuses on woman and the true beauty of what womanhood really is about and a lot less on what it takes to be a model.– What I really like about this Addidas commercial is about focusing on stronger woman and becoming who they want to be.– This CoverGirl commercial will Ellen DeGeneres focuses on the inperfection of woman with wrinkles. Ellen who is a lesbian woman has become their spokesmodel that even woman who are lesbian can be part of the feminist movement of make up.


1) In the last few years have feminist advertisments grown to be too extreme?

2) What are some specific types of advertisements that focus on feminism but end of backlashing the movement?



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