Men’s Movements

Book: Gendered Lives

Author: Julia Wood

Chapter 4: The Rhetorical Shaping of Gender: Men’s Movements in the United States

In this chapter Wood discusses the roles of men and what their main focus on is. Some men actually consider themselves feminist and others act in movements to attack women on what is socially right. Between reading chapter 3 and chapter 4 I can tell that masculinity and femininity can take on their own role depending on the individual. One boy in the book talked about how he had both a mom and a dad who worked full-time. On some nights the dad would make dinner while the mom worked and sometimes vise-versa. In these situations it is dependent on ones opportunities they are given and how they may need to intervene in both sides of gender. I am much more passive when it comes to gender roles. I usually don’t even think about it or hear much about men or women movements. However the more I think about it the more I can think at times when feminist comments are made. I believe men already have the advantage when it comes to certain things and there is no reason for them to downplay women in any area.



This is a link from the show Man Power and the controversies that men are dealing with to gain power and rights.

Here is a video clip that discusses when the Gay Rights Movement came in and joined and what the rest of the world thought of them?

A Men’s Right Blog


1) Why do some people believe that there can’t be two “leaders” in a household?

2) What has been the most controversial men’s movement?


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