I Can’t Believe it’s not Feminism…On the Feminists who Aren’t

Author: Julie Craig/Spring 2002

In this chapter from Bitchfest Julie discusses several women who wrote books on feminism. However, Julie states ” Their faux-feminist rhetoric makes it easy for readers to encounter “feminism” without ever encountering actual feminism views and activism.” Meaning that these several authors talked about the issues of feminism without really addressing why they believed what they did. Instead these books posed a distraction for the readers to understand what these views of the authors were really all about. One of the authors, Christine Hoff, split feminism into two seperate categories. These categories were equality feminists, and gender feminists. It becomes a huge debate over what women’s roles are in the past and how they will shape our future. Another author by the name of Pagila belived that the creativity and innovation were only masculine traits. What Pagila is actually doing here is discussing feminist topics but not actually going with a feminist way. In the end Julie advises that we take a look at ourself and see how we identify and participate in these feminist movements and what we soley believe is true.


http://feministblogs.org/I thought this blog was interesting because a bunch of women post about feminist issues and discuss it with one another.

http://www.ladiesagainstfeminism.com/– This was a site that I came across all about women who are against feminism and all about what they have to say.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1021293/How-mothers-fanatical-feminist-views-tore-apart-daughter-The-Color-Purple-author.html– An article on how feminism tore a family a part


1) Why has feminist views become such a issue in the modern world today?

2) Have these certain authors stretched what feminism really is about?


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