verbal communication

Book: Gendered Lives

Author: Julia Wood

Chapter 5: Gendered Verbal Communication


I believe gendered verbal communication has becoming more of an issue in our society today  more than ever. I say this because I believe that “slang” phrases focused on either a male or female have become more inappropriate than ever. What I found to be really interesting in this chapter is when Wood mentions this, “ Language also reflects social views of women as passive and men as active when engaged in sexual activity. Have you noticed when people say, “ He laid her,” “He balled her”, “He screwed her”…The male gender have used this type of language more heavily than ever and I believe it has demeaned the worth of a woman in my opinion. Wood also states, “ We continually change our language to reflect our changing understandings of ourselves and our world.” I believe through verbal gendered communication it defines our self-worth and how we ought to feel in the world that we live in based on our surroundings. Our society has their own perspectives on their own self-refection of who they are and how things should be communicated. Some ones intentions can easily come across in the wrong fashion and it can lead to something that the other isn’t understanding of.

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This student who was 9 years old was convicted of sexual harassment by saying that his teacher was “cute”. Again, how verbal language ended up badly affecting such a young student.


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1.)    Why are women becoming more demeaning in the society today more than ever?

2.)    What are the main contributor to such demeaning language in today’s society?


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