nonverbal communication

Book: Gendered Lives

Author: Julia Wood

Chapter 6: Gendered Nonverbal Communication


Nonverbal communication can be a very powerful thing. It can communicate to another person when someone is mad, angry, and happy towards the other. I have experienced this nonverbal communication at first hand and I am sure many others have also. Wood points out different supplement verbal communication like saying “I’m fine”. My fiancé and I know both know what “I’m fine is” when we say that to one another. It usually means the exact opposite of what we are feeling. Another one is when we say “I don’t know” truly you do know, you just don’t want to say what that might be. One’s attitude is very connected to supplement communication. On the other hand with regulate interaction I can tell when someone else is not very happy with me. I can tell by their body posture if they won’t make eye contact or walk right past without an acknowledgement. These types of functions can really hurt a relationships. The way men and women communicate through these different sorts of functions can majorly effect the way the men and women gender interact and the stereotypes that are place upon them. Wood mentions in her book “ Understanding and respecting different forms of nonverbal communication require us to make an honest effort to appreciate what another say on his or her terms.” We are always going to get different vibes from one another but I believe the best thing to do is talk it out and try to understand where the other person is trying to come from. One of my favorite movies is “What Women Want” and what I think is so great about that movie is that each gender communicates in such a certain way that they would die to know what the other is thinking of them. When it comes to “liking” we can tell by ones actions if the other is interested in or not. In return we can see how the other person reacts to it. Women would love to know what men think on a daily basis. We see them as confusing and never knowing what they truly want. Where as guys don’t understand women and why they do certain things. It the end it goes both ways.

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1.)  Are nonverbal behaviors destroying the worth of one another?

2.)  What certain symbols have we associated ourselves with that have made us who we are today as an individual?


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