Sister Outsid…


Sister Outsider Headbanger


On Being a Black Feminist Metalhead


Author: Keidra Chaney


My favorite quote that Keidra makes in her story is ” Maybe it’s because now that I’m older, I have a greater understanding of my own identity and I don’t need music to help express my feelings or provide a send of community.”I believe what she states here explains why a lot of people use lots of aspects to determine and express who they want to be rather than who they are. Here Keidra used metalhead music to express how she was feeling and who she wanted to become. She felt that she should of been born into completely a different culture because of what she enjoyed. She stereotyped herself by the interests she had and surrounded herself with them. However, at the end the older she became she realized who she was and what made her who she was. The older I become I have found myself in the same sort of circumstances. At first I began affiliating myself with things that could express who I wanted to be more than who I really was. I didn’t always like affiliating myself with things that I felt like I had to always try and prove myself. The older I get the more I realize everyone is who they are. There is us and then there is everybody else, and it is our job to affiliate ourselves with what we believe is true no matter what others should think. We all have our own true qualities that makes us unique.


Ted uses a great question to gain all kinds of feed back from  a variety of people on if it is healthy to express ourselves through facebook statues.



This article on NPR talks a little different when it comes to identity and the challenges he faced throughout his college years


This article on PBS discusses the cultural and ethnic identity through adolescence form and how it can affect ones growth from child to adult.



Questions to Ask Yourself:


1) Is the cultural identity crisis of individuals on the rise and why?

2) Is there really a difference to what is right and wrong when it comes to what one’s individual interests are?

















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