gender theories…what was intended to be

Book: Gendered Lives-Communication, Gender, & Culture

Author: Julia T. Wood

Chapter 2

The articulation that Wood makes in this chapter is very interesting. I believe that men and women are created very differently, especially in their abilites to participate in certain activities. For example Luanne wanted to deeply participate on the men’s football team. After trying to fight with the principle that she could play she wasnt able in the end to be a part of the team. Where do I agree to some extent with what the coach had said about being male and female, I still believe that Luanne still should of been able to been given the chance to play on the team. It never “hurts” to try. Luanne could of still been able to prove the coach wrong.

I believe that through Psychodymaic theories that through relationships with our caretakers we are highly influenced by how we identify ourselves in the future. I have analyzed this through my own family as well as seeing this in other friend’s families. Our lives, identities, and sexual orientation are hugely definined by how I have grown up and what I have grown up around. I grew up with two sisters and  a stay at home mother. I believe this has hugely impacted how I am more interested in girl things than I am in guy activities. Overall I believe it is all in what I come into contact with on a daily basis and who I surround myself with.

This article discusses the concern with more children wanting a sex change and how this becoming more of a concerning issue.

This article talks about the same issue how change in sex is more focused on from children to teens and how parenting can have a huge affect on who the child becomes.

This article talks about the issues with the Social Learnign theory and how when children are surrounded by violence they will most likely bring upon violence themselves.


1) Why are more children struggling with their sexuality more than ever?

2) What do we think the main causes are to gender change?



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